Getting Started

 Step 1: Apply Through Our Website

The application is quick, easy, free and requires no commitment.

Once you have successfully completed the registration process, qualified candidates will receive an email inviting them to an information session where we will go over how to create a profile, the assessment process, and important opportunity information.  Once you receive the email, please RSVP for a session and then continue forward by completing the assessment process.

The assessment process consists of the following 3 steps:

3. Join the Arise Network

Your Arise Portal should have updated so it lets you “Select a Path”. You are going to click on “Join an Independent Business vendor already in the Arise Network ”. Then under IBO ID type in the number 60289 and hit Search. It will bring up Connect Ecom Canada Inc. Once you have done this, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Waiver and Click Next. It will send a request to us and we will add you to the company. If you are finding that you are getting stuck at any point, feel free to email us and we can go through it on the phone.

                    Join Cec                                                         






A member of the Connect Ecom team will be in contact with you to guide you through the steps and support you through the assessment process. Please ensure that the assessment steps are completed within a week to ensure training availability.


Select a Servicing







Step 2: Match Assessment & Guidance

Connect Ecom will work with you to choose a client that is best fitted to you. The goal is to ensure that your first client experience is motivating and highly successful so that you can gain confidence in your abilities as a home based customer service provider.

Step 3: Enrollment in Training
Our highly trained professionals will help you enroll in an upcoming training that suits your schedule and interests. Our support team will work with you throughout the training process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you get the most out of the training experience.

Step 4: Begin Working!
Our company allows you to choose your own hours as soon as training is complete. Connect Ecom pays its employees bi-weekly through direct deposit.


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